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iPad Sleeves from #SpoofingTheArts Found at Zazzle!

Here is just a sample of some of the products available at Zazzle. Gifts and products for art enthusiasts, art students or teachers, or for those with a great sense of humor.
Check out the 'Spoofing The Arts' Store at Zazzle for more famous painting parody designs on a variety of products.
Click on the image for more information about these iPad sleeves!

Caravaggio's Boy with Fruit Basket - Pop Art Style Sleeves For iPads

Vermeer's Pearl Earring ala Add BackColor) iPad Sleeve

Mona Lisa's Christmas Santa Hat iPad Sleeve

St Patrick's Day Mona Lisa Shamrock Sleeves For iPads

Mona Lisa Pop Art Style (Add Background Color) Sleeve For iPads

Caravaggio's Cupid (Add Your Text) iPad Sleeve

Pearl Earring ala Change Backgrnd Color) Sleeve For iPads

Pop -  Ben Franklin Sleeve For iPads

VanGogh's Calavera Skull Smoking Cigarette iPad Sleeve

Bouguereau's Chimp in Gown iPad Sleeves

Bouguereau's The Invisible  Bohemian iPad Sleeves

Chimp With The Pearl Earring Sleeves For iPads

St Patrick's Day - Lucky Mona Lisa iPad Sleeve

Happy Valentine's Day Mona Lisa ! Sleeve For iPads

Mona Lisa's Christmas Santa Hat Sleeve For iPads

Mona Lisa Likes Valentine's Candy Sleeve For iPads

Bouguereau's Dearest Deer Shepherdess Sleeve For iPads